About Susan

“Awakening to the Truth is not an event.  You are already that.”  Mooji

My name is Susan Grbic and I am a yoga teacher, a wife and a mother. South African by birth I have called New Zealand home since 1994.

IMG_6495I began teaching yoga in 1996 – my early training being in Integral and then Iyengar yoga. In 2001 I met Donna Farhi and she became a strong influence in both how I practice and how I teach.

In June 2000 I opened the Albany Yoga Room on Auckland’s North Shore and exactly 12 years later, in June 2012, I passed it into other hands in order to go and live on Waiheke Island.  I now offer one-on-one tuition in both yoga and meditation as well as running classes and occasional retreats and workshops both on Waiheke and at Mana Retreat Centre on the Coromandel.  I  also organise bespoke retreats – I work with you to design your own retreat right here in paradise (Waiheke Island), either for you and a group of your buddies or work colleagues, or to take time out just for you alone!

Private tuition cost  (one student) :

  • $70 in my home studio.  (If you are unable to afford this please enquire about my sliding scale)
  • $30 additional when required to travel

For 2 students

  • $100 in my home studio
  • $30 additional when required to travel

For prices of bespoke group or individual retreats please check the relevant pages

Yoga and meditation have almost always been a big part of my life. In the late 70’s I found my spiritual path that I have followed ever since, and in the mid-80’s I discovered hatha yoga. Through all the ups and downs of life these two elements – yoga and meditation – have been my pole star, giving me direction whenever I felt lost.  If you feel these practices could be helpful for you I would love to accompany you on that journey.