Earthquake-proofing Ourselves

Sue Grbic WritesFollowing the recent earthquakes around New Zealand the media were once again quick to admonish us for our lack of preparedness. And eager to dish out advice as to what we should be doing to best equip ourselves to withstand future natural disasters.

But who or what can help us to earthquake-proof ourselves? How do we prepare ourselves for those earth-shattering experiences that are part of the fabric of life? Death of a loved one, relationship break-ups, serious illness, moving far from home, losing our job…………. Or even those little earth tremors we are all susceptible to at some time in our lives – feeling like we don’t really belong somewhere or don’t really fit in, or perhaps feeling restless and longing for a change, but to what, and why? Maybe it’s just that very deep longing for a connection to something we can’t define. A homesickness for a place we don’t remember.

Of course we are masters at keeping ourselves so busy that we seldom if ever actually face those little tremors – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It just means we can usually pretend rather successfully that they aren’t. Until the big one happens.

Yoga, with its many and varied practices from stretching and toning the physical body, to learning the importance of right thinking and right living, and through to breathing, relaxing and meditation practices offers us the whole package.

An amazing age-old science devised to slowly and gently lead us from chaos into certainty, from confusion into clarity. Yoga offers us a set of skills that can help us deal with any problem, withstand the buffeting of emotional tornadoes and prevent us from drowning in life’s floods. A house built on a yoga foundation will not crumble in any earthquake.

This is the mission of Growing Younger. No matter what your age the challenges of life arise and our aim is to help you earthquake-proof yourself in order to live through those challenges with more ease and be strengthened and enriched by the process. And to be happy.

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