Growing Younger personal retreat

At our Growing Younger retreat on wonderful Waiheke Island we offer a  new way of thinking about the idea of ageing.  A different perspective that focuses not on what we lose as we age, but on what we can gain!   And we present a range of daily practices designed to re-invent ourselves.  Growing Younger - Please Contact Us To Find Out More

On this one day retreat we look at how simply changing our focus can allow our life to become more meaningful, more relaxed and more joyful.

The principles and practices behind the concept of Growing Younger will enable us to turn back the clock and begin to reverse the effects of ageing both mentally and physically.

So this retreat includes yoga, breathing and meditation practices all tailored to suit participants as well as discussions on the importance of stress management, diet and relaxation.

To fully appreciate what age brings we still need to maintain a youthful outlook, and use our greater understanding to make the right choices in life rather than the wrong ones.

Investment for a one-day retreat (includes ferry pick-up/drop-off, tea and lunch)

  • One person  – $180
  • Two people – $150 each
  • Three people – $120 each

For a weekend private group retreat the cost will be calculated depending on numbers.

To contact me for more info or to arrange a retreat please email or text/ring on 021 130 2932.