Mana Retreat Centre – Coromandel

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Come and experience the very special energy of the Mana Retreat Centre on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula.

 As we have not yet set a date for our 2019 retreat please do ensure, if you want to be kept informed, that you are subscribed to our database.

Every year I join forces with  Deborah Rubin of the Albany Yoga Room to host a weekend of yoga, meditation, relaxation and inspiration. The intention for these retreats is twofold.  Firstly to relax and unwind and have a wonderful time.  But also to give a fresh perspective from which to view our yoga and meditation practices.


2019 Yoga and Relaxation Retreat

Living calmly in a frenetic world

How ancient yoga teachings guide us in the modern world

We all need to feel that our hand is steady upon the wheel as we navigate our way through life.  The ten ethical precepts of yoga are known as the yamas and the niyamas.  These principles allow us to live at peace with ourselves, our families and our communities.  They act as a guiding light to clearly mark the right path whenever choices or actions are required of us.  During the course of this weekend we will look to these principles to inform not only our discussions but equally our asana practice.

Our asana practice combines therapeutic aspects of Iyengar yoga with slow and meditative vinyasa and simple breathing techniques. In all these aspects we love to share knowledge received from teachers who have inspired us to broaden and deepen the experience of our own practice.

Our philosophical discussions shine the light of simplicity on ancient yogic wisdom to make it totally relevant to our lifestyles in today’s hectic and ever-changing world.

When?     (To be decided) 2019  –  Friday evening  to Sunday afternoon.    You may arrive on Friday from  3pm onwards.  Dinner is served at 6pm and our formal programme begins thereafter.

Where?    Getting to Mana is easy.  For all your options, including very clear driving instructions, go to

Want to car pool?   If you would like to share a car with other students from your area please let us know when you register.  Also please mention whether you prefer to be the driver (ie your own car) or a passenger.  You will work out costs between yourselves.

Cost?   $500  includes all accommodation, food (delicious vegetarian) and tuition.    A deposit of $100 is required upon registration ( ($50 is refundable if cancellation is more than a month prior to retreat date). The balance of $400 is due 3 weeks before retreat date.   You will be offered shared accommodation – we do have just a few single rooms for those who really need them.  First come first served on that.

How can I register?     Registration is now open. Email and please give your name, email address and contact phone numbers when you do.     If you’d like any more information first please don’t hesitate to either email me – or ring/text me on 021 130 2932 or Deborah on 021 376 646

How to pay?   Upon registration please transfer $100 by direct credit into Susan Grbic a/c # 12-3050-0458961-52.  Please ensure that you put YOUR  NAME – the one you have used to register at the retreat – as bank account names sometimes are different.  The balance will be due 3 weeks before the retreat.

What to bring?  Yoga mat, yoga strap, yoga bolster, 2/3 blankets and an eyebag or scarf to put over your eyes.  If you have blocks bring them too, but not essential.  If you have difficulty with any of this please let us know!

Together Deb and I have over 40 years of teaching experience and more than we care to remember of simply being students of yoga.  So we would love you to join us on this little adventure.. No matter whether you come along with a friend or a group or on your lonesome,  we are sure that within a very short time you will feel comfortable, at home and part of a special experience.  We know this from past experience  –  every year has proved the same.