Back Care for everyone

Sue in parsvakonasanaA sore back need not be a life sentence. For many years people have been turning to yoga for relief from back pain.

Often the cause of back pain is simply tightness in either the muscles of the back itself or in peripheral areas such as the legs and feet or the arms, neck and shoulders.  So a combination of stretching from the  ‘outside in’ and the  ‘inside out’  will allow practitioners to explore many possible problematic areas.

This workshop is comprised of simple yoga asanas designed to target all these parts of the body.  Gentle breathing techniques and a mindful, meditative state of mind will also be introduced.

The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students.

My workshops can be arranged upon request in various venues or even in a private home. Cost therefore is dependant on the number of participants.

To contact me for more info or to arrange a workshop please email me on or text/ring on 021 130 2932.