Help for would-be meditators

Growing Younger - Help for would-be meditatorsThis meditation workshop  is designed to help both complete beginners and seasoned meditators. The aim is to provide new insights into how we create problems and obstacles for ourselves when we sit to meditate, bring a fresh understanding of how yoga can help us become happier and healthier. and offer alternative and accessible approaches to this ancient art/science of meditation.


The workshop involves both theory and practice. We begin with some discussion about  the benefits of meditation, we take a brief look at various ‘techniques’ and  some time is spent on common problems and roadblocks that may arise in our practice.

The  workshop also includes some gentle stretching to ready and relax the body and mind before we meditate. We will also look at the importance of being comfortable while sitting and the various options available to us.

The final phase involves enjoying some guided meditations, followed by a delicious relaxation.

I have been meditating since the late ’70’s. What I bring to you is my experience in the hopes that it will smooth your path just a little.

My workshops can be arranged upon request in various venues or even in a private home. Cost therefore is dependant on the number of participants.

To contact me for more info or to arrange a workshop please email me on or text/ring on 021 130 2932.