Messages From The Body – Chakras 101

Exploring the Chakra System in theory and practice

Growing Younger - Messages From The BodyWhat we can learn about ourselves when we explore tension, discomfort or pain in the body … and what we can begin to do about it. This 3-hour workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga students including beginners.


We begin with a brief introductory discussion of the chakra system, explaining which parts of the body are governed by which chakras as well as the mental and emotional aspects of each chakra. This naturally leads to an exploration of how pain in the body may be related to a particular mental or emotional state.

We then move onto practising breathing and yoga postures aimed specifically at particular chakras and consider how best they may be practised in order to reach the source of the pain and release it from there.  We complete the practice with a guided meditation (not too long so don’t worry!) and a lovely long relaxation to leave you feeling rested and refreshed.

My workshops can be arranged upon request in various venues or even in a private home. Cost therefore is dependant on the number of participants.

To contact me for more info or to arrange a workshop please email me on or text/ring on 021 130 2932.