Taking Time Out – Restorative Workshop


Stress is by far the leading cause of illness today.  The purpose of Restorative Yoga is to slowly and gently lead you to relax and allow you to release chronic stress that otherwise remains embedded in the body, eventually causing burn-out or illness.

Restorative Yoga takes us to a place of deep relaxation, peace and calm where we can move away from our stressed out ‘fight or flight’ mode and into relaxing, restoring and regenerating both body and mind. While the body relaxes more and more deeply through a carefully orchestrated series of gentle supported poses, the mind can begin to slow down – and in so doing, to notice, edit and transform negative inner narratives that feed anxiety and depression.

The workshop will begin with a brief explanation of the nervous system and its role in stress management.  This will help you to understand the importance of a practice like Restorative Yoga.  And then it’s on to the serious business of r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g!

My workshops can also be arranged upon request in various venues or even in a private home. Cost therefore is dependent on the number of participants.

To contact me for more info or to arrange a workshop please email sue.grbic@gmail.com or text/ring on 021 130 2932.