What We Offer

What We Do - Yoga For StressWe have on offer  : 

  • Group classes
  • Private Tuition (Yoga and Meditation)
  • Meditation classes
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Personal One-Day Retreat
  • Corporate Yoga and Stress Management
  • Restorative Yoga – Deep Relaxation Sessions
  • Gift Vouchers (for prices scroll down to Private Tuition)

GROUP CLASSES have been temporarily halted during red and orange light as I do not wish to participate in a system that discriminates against some students.  However you are welcome to join my pop up outdoor classes anytime.  See the ‘Group classes’ page for details.  Once in Green light regular group classes will run every Sunday morning from 9.30 – 11.00am  and every Wed morning from 9.00 – 10.30am at the Red Cross hall in Oneroa,  Please check the Classes page for all the details.  Especially please note the parking restrictions.

PRIVATE TUITION is a great way to get introduced to yoga, or to work on particular issues your body may have and to help you develop a regular home practice. Your sessions will be tailored specifically to your personal needs. You may want to be stretched, or strengthened, or simply relaxed and de-stressed.  Also if you have issues with your back, suffer from headaches or joint pain etc or feel the need to find a way of exploring your own spirituality, I will work with you to create just the right class.   The cost of a private session is $75.  For 2 people together the cost is $100.(I do have a sliding scale for anyone who may be unable to meet those costs – please enquire if necessary).  These prices are for sessions at my home studio.  If I need to travel to your place, please add $30 to cover my travel time and all the gear I will need to schlepp!)  🙂  Private groups will be priced depending on the size and venue.

MEDITATION SESSIONS are held upon request by a group.  We explore different meditation techniques and there is lots of guidance so if you are new to meditation please don’t think you won’t manage.  Absolute beginners always warmly welcomed and encouraged to give it a try!

RESTORATIVE YOGA  is a very quiet, deeply relaxing experience, available both for groups and for individuals.  In this hectic modern world stress is by far the leading cause of illness.  By being led to relax deeply we are able to let go of that chronic stress that otherwise remains embedded in our bodies and eventually causes burn-out or disease in some form.  Restorative Yoga can be practised by anyone, no matter what physical condition you may be in.  Your body is supported by various props such as bolsters and blankets and made super-comfortable in every pose.  You are then gently guided into a quiet mental state where you can truly relax and allow the body’s natural healing abilities to kick in.

WORKSHOPS and RETREATS are held in various locations.  Typically they involve yoga and meditation suitable for all levels of students as little or no experience may be required.  We usually also spend time studying yoga teachings and mindfulness practices as well as practising stress management techniques and deep relaxation.

PERSONAL ONE DAY RETREAT means exactly that.  Come to paradise (glorious Waiheke Island) for your own special ‘me’ time (or with your own small group of friends) and  do what you want, when you want to.  We will work together to design a day retreat just for you. (See Waiheke Island under the Retreats tag)

CORPORATE YOGA AND STRESS MANAGEMENT  We can arrange a one-off session or a weekly schedule at a suitable time where staff can enjoy a little bit of time out from the stress of the work environment.  This leaves them refreshed, relaxed, clear-headed and ready to face the challenges ahead.  Prices depend on size of group and venue.

SO  –  what I have to offer you is my own experience and what I have learned over many years of study and practice. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a combination of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healthy living habits, positive thinking and the practice of such virtues as kindness, compassion and gratitude can and will have a profound effect on every aspect of your being. Living a life filled with joy, hope, vitality and enthusiasm is within the grasp of everyone.